what we do

Research and Consulting

GORI performs research related to ecosystem services and habitat value of the offshore platforms. Working with our partners, Harte Research Institute and Blue Latitudes , we can perform environmental studies of decommissioning alternatives, such as the Rigs to Reefs Program and in-situ reefing for platform repurposing. We also perform research related to offshore renewable energy, carbon storage, water quality trading, and offshore aquaculture. We provide consulting services for Alternate Use permitting with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and structure re-use with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). BSEE has responsibility for the platforms and maintains a dashboard of the platforms and offshore infrastructure HERE.

Platform Repurposing

GORI performs engineering and environmental analysis to determine the best uses for the offshore platforms when they cease producing oil and gas and must be decommissioned. Oil and gas operators have one year to plug wells and abandon the platform site once the wells stop producing. The platform must be removed (and salvaged), placed into the Rigs to Reefs Program, or repurposed under 30 CFR 585 Subpart J.

Working with its partners, Excipio Energy and Diamond Infrastructure Development , we research and determine candidate offshore renewable energy options. The U.S. has an ambitious goal of 30 GW of offshore wind power by 2030 , and BOEM is planning to hold a lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico in 2022. We work with the Gulf Coast universities to understand their scientific research needs for offshore platforms, and we engage with the Federal agencies, such as NOAA and BOEM, to determine their marine monitoring needs. Once the platforms are re-permitted for alternate uses, GORI’s subsidiary MMEERSET L3C can enter into a platform use and lease agreement with the operator to manage the platform.

Marine Research Vessel

GORI is currently evaluating the need for a marine research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.