Creating Alternate Uses For Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms

Our Vast Gulf Of Mexico Ecosystem Is Changing Rapidly As Offshore Platforms Are Decommissioned.The platforms have become a part of the ecosystem and can be repurposed for new life.

About gulf offshore research institute

The Gulf Offshore Research Institute (GORI) is a not-for-profit corporation engaged in the acquisition and conversion of retired offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico for alternative uses, and specifically for marine monitoring, energy and environmental research, scientific education and training (MMEERSET). The platforms can also serve as infrastructure for offshore renewable energy (ORE) and offshore aquaculture operations.


offshore oil & gas platforms



Offshore platforms have a variety of uses beyond their oil and gas production life.

Idea In Brief

Idea In Brief

Our goal is to provide alternatives to platform removal through multi-use applications that promote the “Blue Economy”

Power to Fuel

Power to Fuel

GORI is making its platforms available for Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) or “Ocean Energy”.

The U.S. Gulf of Mexico currently has about 2000 offshore platforms in Federal waters. GORI is working with Gulf of Mexico oil and gas operators to evaluate offshore platforms at the end of their oil and gas producing life. By law, these platforms must be removed or reefed at the end of their producing life unless they are approved for alternative uses by the Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) under 30 CFR Part 585. These regulations were authorized by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.
The BOEM Gulf of Mexico Protraction Finder can be used to locate the Federal OCS lease blocks and platform locations.
platform portfolio

Peregrine Oil and Gas Platforms

  • North Padre island 975 “A” Platform – 150’ W.D. (46 meters)
  • North Padre island 969 “JA” Platform – 150’ W.D. (46 meters)
  • West Cameron 565 “A” Platform – 200’ W.D. (61 meters)
platform portfolio

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